Sunday Morning Connect Groups

Home Buliders

Led by Bruce Quiggle Worship Center Room 402


Led by Mark Phillips Worship Center Room 404

Bible Seekers

Led by Mark Kent Worship Center Room 406. “Seeking knowledge through the Bible.”

The Link

Led by Eric Reynolds and Anthony D'Arienzo Education Wing Room 502 - Our class welcomes adults of all ages seeking to dive deep into God’s Word and grow together through study and exploration of the Bible. We’re walking through Ecclesiastes now, and we’ll also do topical studies or look at current issues facing Christ’s church—all through the lens of God’s Word. Don’t know all your Hebrew or Greek vocabulary yet? Neither do we, but we’re learning it together! We’d love to have you join us for this low pressure, loving, conversational fellowship on Sundays.

Service Seekers

Led by Jeff Kelley Education Wing Room 508

Loyal Ladies

Led by Lucy Tatum Worship Center Room 409

Connect Groups

Wednesday Nights @ 6:30